Polimaster Innovating radiation detection technologies since 1992


Welcome to POLIMASTER!

Polimaster Holdings delivers its products and solutions in the world of radiation detection and protection since 1992.

Polimaster products are known in more than 75 countries all over the world, that makes us a world-leader in development and manufacturing of professional equipment for monitoring, detecting, locating and identifying of radioactive materials. Each year we expand the range of our product line in order to meet our customers neends.

Company was founded more than 25 years ago by talented and enthusiastic inventor Mr. Alexander Antonovsky and his several supporters. Nowadays, Polimaster Holdings is the Team of about 200 professionals working in different countries. 57 dealers in 45 countries worldwide promote Polimaster devices, provide service and technical support.

Facts about POLIMASTER

Most of the products developed by Polimaster are the best in the world in its class, and some of them have no analogues:

  • Polimaster is the worlds only manufacturer of commercially producing Wrist Gamma Dosimeter
  • Polimaster is the worlds first manufacturer who developed and produced Combined Gamma-Neutron Search Devices of pager type and remains the leader in this field
  • Polimaster among the first manufacturers in the world, who developed and produced highly sensitive search pager type devices and remains the leader in this field
  • Polimaster is the worlds first manufacturer, who developed and produced combined search device and dosimeter
  • Polimaster among the first manufacturers in the world, who introduced the system of radiation control which enables operational management and data transmitting in real-time from distributes network of devices


  1. The first personal electronic pocket-sized dosimeter was designed

    15 May 1986

    In response to the Chernobyl accident in 1986, first personal electronic pocket-sized dosimeter was designed by Alexander Antonovsky. "Master-1" was much smaller than any other direct reading dosimeter available on the market at that time. Over 1 mln. dosimeters were sold back then. From 1992 Master-1 was produced under Polimaster brand.

    первый в мире персональный дозиметр

  2. Foundation of the Company

    28 February 1992

    Polimaster was founded in 1992 by talented and enthusiastic inventor Mr. Alexander Antonovsky and his several supporters. The company was comprised of 15 passionate about radiation detection workers. Mr. Antonovsky`s experience and deep knowledge in radiation protection became the lifeblood of business success. Since 1999, Ms. Ludmila Antonovskaya is a majority shareholder and SEO of Polimaster Holdings.


  3. First commercially available wristwatch dosimeter PM1204

    4 August 1994

    The first developed wristwatch dosimeter. PM1204 is a predecessor of popular PM1208M wrist gamma indicator - which is the only commercially available instrument.


  4. Pager-type instrument PM1401 was developed

    19 February 1997

    Pager-type instrument for search of radioactive materials was designed in accordance with customers specifications and was used by Customs and Border guards for the prevention of illicit trafficking of radioactive materials in many countries. This device has been proved very reliable over the years.

    первый в мире поисковый прибор пейджерного типа

  5. Polimaster received ITRAP certificates for 5 group of products

    5 May 1999

    Polimaster equipment finished ITRAP tests under IAEA and received certificates for 5 group of products. Polimaster RPMs were recognized as the best performance.


  6. Polimaster became the supplier to IAEA

    4 June 2000

    Polimaster became the supplier of radiation detection equipment to IAEA in different countries

  7. Supply of PRDs for US Coast Guards

    2 September 2003

    Polimaster became the supplier of Gamma-Neutron Personal Radiation Detectors for US Coast Guards

  8. The smallest Radionuclide Identification device was developed

    13 September 2004

    The smallest radionuclide identification device was a result of combining smartphone and radiation detection technology. The idea of access to the remote expert support system using the Internet was introduced to the world.

  9. Polimaster supplied PRDs for Olimpic Games in Athens

    1 November 2004

    Polimaster  PRDs were used during Games of the XXVIII Olympiad in Athens 2004

  10. Portable gamma dosimeter with built-in chemical agent detector PM2010 was developed

    22 April 2005

    PM2010 is a portable gamma dosimeter with built-in chemical agent detector with high sensitivity usually found in stationary or significantly larger portable detectors. PM2010 is the smallest and lightweight (550g) combined radiation and chemical detector available today.

  11. NPNET® system was presented

    7 July 2006

    NPNET®  is geo information network system for radiation monitoring of buildings, city blocks or large country regions covered by the number of fixed and mobile radiation detectors. It provides real time data exchange between users and a remote Unified Command Center or Expert Group.

  12. The largest tender in the USA

    27 May 2008

    Polimaster won the largest tender for ILEAS (USA). Within the contract Polimaster produced and supplied 22 000 of personal radiation detectors.

  13. Supply of PRDs within SLD Program (USA)

    19 October 2009

    Polimaster gained several tenders for supply Personal Radiation Detectors for different countries within the SLD program.

  14. Polimaster presented a new class of multipurpose gamma-neutron PRDs

    23 March 2011

    Polimaster developed PM1704 - instrument of a new class of multipurpose, highly sensitive and compact gamma and gamma-neutron spectroscopic personal radiation detectors. New Series had advanced search algorithm and provided quick radionuclide identification of radioactive sources.

    PM1704 гамма-нейтронный поисковый прибор

  15. Tender of European Commission

    8 December 2011

    Polimaster won several tenders of the European Commission for supply of radiation detection instruments for different countries.

  16. New equipment for Fukushima, Japan

    10 April 2014

    Polimaster designed and presented new unique Radiation Measurement System for Fukushima, Japan. PM5300 was designed at the request, simple and high sensitive, intended for measuring level of radiation in flexible container bags. New equipment allows to measure radiation level bags and afterwards distribute samples according to the level of contamination.



  17. Polimaster became the supplier for US Security Program

    26 October 2015

    Polimaster became the supplier of more than 1400 personal radiation detectors PM1703MO-1 BT within the US Critical Infrastructure Security program.

  18. Polimaster is recognized the best exporter of 2015!

    5 May 2016

    Polimaster was recognized the best exporter of 2015 in the competition, which is held by the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Polimaster won in award for “electronics and instrument building industries”.


  19. Establishment of Belarusian Instrument-Building Association

    13 October 2017

    Polimaster together with four other strong instrument-building companies established an Association, which joins instrument-building companies in the Republic of Belarus and aims to increase the efficiency of its members and the industry as a whole.