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Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Safety is commonly defined as the achievement of prevention of any kind of accidents or mitigation of accident consequences, creation of proper operating conditions for the NPPs, protection of employees and public and as well as the environment from radiation hazards. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) defines nuclear security as "The prevention and detection of and response to, theft, sabotage, unauthorized access, illegal transfer or other malicious acts involving nuclear material, other radioactive substances or their associated facilities".

The scope of tasks for Nuclear Safety and Security includes but not limited to access control (in controlled areas), workplace safety and calibration of radiation measuring instruments. Personal Dosimetry Control is also one of the major tasks for Nuclear Power Industry.

Polimaster offers Radiation Portal Monitors for NPP access control, Radiation Monitoring Systems for continuous gamma and neutron radiation monitoring of different facilities at the nuclear power plant, X-Ray and Gamma Personal Dosimeters connected into Personal Dosimetry Control Systems to ensure that personnel exposure does not exceed the permissible limits.

What is more, Polimaster offers also equipment for calibration and verification of radiation measuring instruments, as this is one of the primary processes to maintain instrument accuracy.