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Contraband Detector PM2030

Contraband Detector PM2030 of nondestructive examination is a portable security instrument that detects hidden items (drugs, explosives, weapons, currency, etc.) within the closed cavities of transport vehicles, freight containers and other objects.

The instrument can be applied in impracticable for examination condition, where stationary examination equipment can not be used. The PM2030 indicates the presence of sealed radioactive material in any closed volumes (freight containers, automobile tires, doors, bumpers, fuel tanks, train carriages, etc).

PM2030 indicates the identified objects and forms the library. Due to modular design of the device and telescopic extension pole, hard-to-reach places and large objects can be scanned. For work in noisy places, vibration alarm from the handle is provided.

PM2030 can be applied  in Customs and Border Patrol, Police, Special Services, Security Offices.

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Operation Principle

The Contraband Detector features the plastic case and consists of two units: display and control unit and scan unit with rubber handle.

In operation mode the detector emits a beam of gamma radiation into the object being inspected and measures the backscatter. PM2030 features the build–in radiation source 133Ba with activity 320-370 kBq. The source is housed within the lead safety container-collimator of the scan unit.

The intensity of the backscatter depends on the object features (its density and size). The device is moved along the surface of the object. The change in the density of the object is displayed on LCD and accompanied with light, sound and vibration alarms. The frequency of alarm repetition depends on the size and density of the detected cavity of items.

The lead container-collimator provides the necessary narrow zone of the object radiation during examination and complete protection of the operator from gamma radiation.

Scanning Mode

The Contraband Detector in the SURVEY mode detects (detection probability 0.5, confidence probability 0.95, when moving the instrument with no more than 5 сm/s speed) the objects sealed behind a steel partition of 1 mm thick or behind a wooden partition of 20 mm thick:


  • aluminium  30х30х30 mm
  • polyethylene  70х70х20 mm
  • steel  30х30х10 mm


The instrument in the SURVEY mode in a static position detects the objects sealed behind a wooden or plastic partition of no more than 20 mm thick with 0.5 probability, as well as defines the metals group or plastic. The defined material name (metal group or plastic) is displayed on the LCD. The objects dimensions should be no more than:


  • polyethylene block  70х70х20 mm
  • steel block 70х70х5 mm
  • sheet of silver group 70х70х0.5 mm
  • sheet of lanthanum group 70х70х0.5 mm
  • sheet of tungsten group 70х70х0.5 mm
  • sheet of gold group 70х70х0.5 mm
  • sheet of lead group 70х70х5 mm


PM2030 is designed to detect hidden items (drugs, explosives, weapons, currency, etc.) within the closed cavities of transport vehicles, freight containers and other objects.


Standards Compliance

Complies with the requirements of IAEA "Technical and Functional Specification for Border Monitoring Equipment"


Detector Csl with solid electronic multilpier
Sensitivity to gamma-radiation in energies range from 0.02 to 1.5 MeV, at least:
for 109Cd at distance 10 сm from detector geometric center 2600 (cps)/(МBq)
for 57Co at distance 10 сm from detector geometric center 6500(cps)/(µSv/h)
for 241Am 5000(cps)/(µSv/h)
for 137Сs 300 (cps)/(µSv/h)
for 60Co 140 (cps)/(µSv/h)
Registration range of gamma radiation count rate from 1 to 65000 cps
Ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma-radiation:
without gamma-background at closed collimator 0.2 µSv/h
Depth of scanning up to 150 mm
Built-in sealed gamma radiation source based on radionuclide 133Ba with activity and dimensions, no more from 320 to 370 kBq Ø3 mm, h = 3 mm
Ingress protection IP65
Alarm Type Audio, visual, vibration
Data recording at least 1900 history events
Optional accessories:
Telescopic extension pole 1.7 m
Telescopic extension pole 3.6 m
Mean time between failures at least 20 000 hours
Mean service lifetime for at least 10 years
Mean recovery time no more than 60 min
Battery lifetime:
up to low battery warning indication no less than 50 hours
Power supply Two AA (LR6) standard batteries of voltage 3.0 (-0.6; +0.2) V or two rechargable batteries of voltage 2.6 (-0.2; +0.2) V; from USB of PC; from car`s lighter socket via USB adapter 220V/12V
Dimensions 284х87х98 mm
Weight 1.13 kg
Operating temperature - 30 up to 50 °C
Humidity up to 98% (at 40°C and at a lower)
Atmospheric pressure from 84 up to 106.7 kPa



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