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Deployable Radiation Portal Monitor PM5000C-05M

Category: Deployable RPM

PM5000C-05M is a highly sensitive mobile system designed to prevent illicit trafficking of radioactive materials in vehicles and luggage as well as by pedestrians. Monitor transport set consists of three plastic, compact, lightweight hermetic cases. The system can be installed and put in operation in a short time period even in harsh environment and extreme climate conditions.

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Operation Principle

Deployable Radiation Portal Monitor PM5000C-05M can be installed on the floor, mounted on the wall or on the ceiling both indoors and outdoors. Due to increased body protection, System can be used in most unfavorable operating conditions. PM5000C-05M may have one-pillar or two-pillar configurations.

When radioactive materials are detected or when the current background level threshold is exceeded, audible and visual alarms are triggered and alarm information is displayed on built-in computer screen. The System can be powered from internal battery (up to 8 hours) or from external power source.

Key Features:

  • High deployment speed
  • Easy transportation (three plastic cases IP67)
  • High sensitivity
  • Storage of event history in non-volatile memory
  • Integrated touch screen PC for data-processing
  • Indoor and outdoor installations
  • Audible and light alarms
  • Automatic, 24×7 operation

Monitored objects:

  • Cars
  • Pedestrians
  • Luggage


  • Temporary check points
  • Customs/border check points
  • Perimeter of radiation accident
  • Nuclear industry facilities
  • Nuclear waste disposal and storage sites
  • Public events security
  • Check points in field conditions etc.

Standards Compliance

Designed to meet ANSI N42.35 - 2006 , ITRAP+10 (IAEA) requirements


Type of registered radiation gamma
Configuration one or two pillar configuration
Minimum detectable quantities of radioactive materials, control zone 1,5x2 m.:
241Am, MBq (µCi) 0.2 (5,5)
137Cs, MBq (µCi) 0.034 (0,9)
60Co, MBq (µCi) 0.018 (0,5)
235U, g 14
238U, g 204
239Pu, g 0.4
Minimum detectable quantities of radioactive materials, control zone 3 x 2 m.:
241Am, MBq (µCi) 0.61 (16,5)
137Cs, MBq (µCi) 0.1 (2,7)
60Co, MBq (µCi) 0.55 (1,5)
235U, g 40
238U, g 610
239Pu, g 1.1
Minimum detectable quantities of radioactive materials, control zone 6 x 2 m.:
241Am, MBq (µCi) 2.3 (62)
137Cs, MBq (µCi) 0.38 (10,3)
60Co, MBq (µCi) 0.21 (5,7)
235U, g 150
238U, g 2300
239Pu, g 4.2
Maximum speed, km/h 5-8 km
Energy range 0.03 – 3 MeV
external 90-260V AC 50/60Hz
internal battery (12V) with minimum 8 hours lifetime after external power failure
Detector 2 gamma detectors, PVT scintilliator
Sensitivity, gamma radiation:
137Cs no less , cps/(nSv/h) 26
Ingress protection IP67
Weight 150 (3 cases x 50 kg)
Dimensions Control Block - 247x298x250 mm; Gamma Detection block - 340x1160x160 mm
Operating temperature - 30 up to +50 °C
Humidity up to 100 %
Atmospheric pressure from 88 up to 106.7 kP



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