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X-Ray and Gamma Personal Dosimeter РМ1610B-01

Instruments provide measurement of dose equivalent (DE) and dose equivalent rate (DER) of continuous and pulsed X-ray and gamma radiation, as well as time of dose accumulation. Dosimeters are easy in use, have light weight and shockproof hermetic case,  equipped with audible, visual and vibration alarms. PM1610B and PM1610B-01 dosimeters are useful and effective means for professionals who deals with emergencies and radiation accidents.

Instruments PM1610B and PM1610B-01 can be used by first responders, customs and border control, medical professionals, radiological and radionuclide isotope laboratories, professionals exposed to pulse radiation.

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Operation Principle

Instruments provide measurement of dose equivalent and dose equivalent rate of continuous and pulsed X-ray and gamma radiation, measurements can be displayed in Sv or rem. Two independent alarm thresholds for dose and dose rate can be set. Instruments have wide energy range from 20 keV to10 MeV, compact size and light weight, audible, visual and vibration alarms. Dosimeters are equipped with AAA (LR03) battery, so can be used immediately after installing the battery.

PM1610B-01 Modification

The PM1610B-01 have  ISO15693 interface and can be used with different types of wireless readers.

Network Functions

Instruments can be integrated into Personal Dose Tracker System. PDT System is intended for continuous account for external radiation exposure, maintenance of dose history database and calculation of the personnel accumulated doses (individual as well as group doses) during the set period of time, automated preset threshold (individual as well as group thresholds) alarm signal. Software enables information transfer by USB-protocol to a personal computer to analyze, process, and generate corresponding databases in a control center or an expert center.


  • Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear and Radioactive Materials
  • Emergency Response
  • Guest dosimeters
  • Personnel Exposure
  • Radiation Safety in NDT

Standards Compliance

Designed to meet ANSI N42.20 - 2006 and IEC 61526: 2010 requirements

Corresponds to ANSI 42.34, section 9.11 requirements by the level of emitted radio-noise


Detector Geiger-Muller tube
Dose equivalent rate (DER) measurement range 0.1 μSv/h to 10.0 Sv/h
DER measurement accuracy ±(10 + K1/Ḣ + K2*Ḣ) %, where H - DER value in mSv/h, K1 − coefficient 0.0015 mSv/h, K2 − coefficient 0.0015 (mSv/h)-1
DER indication range 0.01 μSv/h to 12.0 Sv/h
DE indication range 0.001 μSv to 24.0 Sv
DE measurement range:
continuous photon radiation 0.05 μSv to 20.0 Sv
pulsed photon radiation (pulse duration not less than 1 ms) 10 μSv to 20.0 Sv
DE measurement accuracy ± 20 %
Energy range 0.02 to 10.0 MeV
Energy response relative to 0.662 MeV:
from 20 to 33 keV - 60 %
from 33 to 48 keV - 40 %
from 48 keV to 3 MeV ± 30 %
from 3 to 10 MeV ± 50 %
Thresholds DER thresholds setting range - 0.01 μSv/h to 10.0 Sv/h; DE thresholds setting range: 1.0 μSv to 20.0 Sv
Data exchange USB, ISO15693 interface
Power supply battery 1.5 V, AAА (LR03), no less than 1100 mA/h; external power supply
Battery lifetime:
average DER not more than 0.3 μSv/h, backlight, sound, light and vibration alarms activated for not more than 20 s/24 hours no less than 20 days
Alarm Type Audio, visual, vibration
Ingress protection IP65
Drop test on concrete floor 1.5 m onto hard wooden surface
Dimensions 71 х 59 х 20 mm
Weight 0.09 kg
Operating temperature -20 to + 50 °С
Humidity 98 % at 35 °С
Atmospheric pressure 84 to 106.7 kPa
Mean service lifetime 10 years

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