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Personal Radiation Detector PM1703GN

Category: Gamma-Neutron PRDs

Instruments PM1703GN/GNA/GNM are designed to detect and locate even the slightest amounts of radiation emitting materials. Devices provide two operating modes: search for gamma and neutron radiation sources and measurement of dose equivalent rate. PRDs have shockproof hermetic case, fluorescent backlight and LCD display, non-volatile memory, audible, visual and vibrating alarms, user-friendly interface. PRDs of PM1703 series are recommended to non-technical personnel, no special knowledge or training is required.

Instruments are recommended for first responders, security guards, police, customs officers and border patrol. No special experience or training is necessary to operate the instrument.


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Operation Principle

Personal radiation detectors are designed for search, detection and localization of radioactive materials using method of impulse count analysis when registering gamma radiation with alarms and visualization on the LCD of the average gamma radiation count rate. Once the detector is turned on, it automatically starts taking measurements and storing the background radiation information. Instruments advanced processing algorithm enables user to update the background levels and setup alarm thresholds thus adjusting to the specific radiation environments and satisfy the requirements for the false alarm rate.


  • due to special detection algorithm, devices are able to detect smaller excess in 2-5 times of gamma radiation above the natural background within the time normalized by standards. On the other hand, it enables to alarm in shorter time in comparison with the requirements of the standards
  • due to operating time from one AA battery up to 1000 h., benefit in operating cost of the device over 6-year period is achieved: for РМ1703 series – not more than 50 dollars, for other competing devices – 180-1000 dollars
  • at the same time devices of the PM1703 Series remain one of the smallest PRDs in the world
  • devices of PM1703 series is the best value for reasonable price


PM1703GN - model with γ-CsI (Tl) and  LiI (Eu) detectors

PM1703GNA - model with γ-CsI (Tl) and  LiI (Eu) detectors with increased sensitivity

PM1703GNM - modification is equipped with 3 detectors: CsI(Tl), GM counter, LiI (Eu) and USB interface

  PM1703GNM Modification

The instrument is equipped with three detectors:

  • CsI(Tl) scintillation detector  for searching  gamma  radioactive sources;
  • LiI (Eu) scintillation detector for neutron radiation registration in the search mode;
  • small-sized GM tube detector for measuring gamma radiation in the wide DER and DE range.

Extremely sensitive scintillation counters allow detecting even the smallest amounts of gamma and neutron radiation emitting materials. Extra GM counter provides correct measurement of gamma radiation DER in the wide range up to 10 Sv/h (1000 R/h) and DE up to 10 Sv (1000 R).


  • Access Control
  • Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear and Radioactive Materials
  • Emergency Response
  • Internal Control of IR sources
  • Radiation Security of Public Events & Sites

Standards Compliance

Designed to meet ANSI N42.32-2006, ANSI N42.33 -2006, IEC 62401:2007, ITRAP+10 (IAEA) requirements

Complies with ANSI 42.32-2016



Detector CsI(Tl), LiI (Eu)
Sensitivity, gamma radiation:
for 241Am 100 -1/(μSv/h)
for 137Cs 85 s-1/(μSv/h)
Sensitivity, neutron radiation:
for Pu-α-Be 0.035 (counts·cm2)/neutron
from thermal neutrons 1.2 (counts·cm2)/neutron
Energy range:
gamma radiation from 0.033 to 3.0 MeV
neutron radiation from thermal to 14.0 MeV
DER indication range 0.01 – 99.99 μSv/h
Gamma count rate indication range 001 – 9999 s-1
Neutron count rate indication range 001 – 9999 s-1
DER measurement accuracy ±30% (in the range from 0.1 to 70 μSv /h)
Alarm Type visual, audio, vibration
PC communication IRDA
Ingress protection IP65
Drop test on concrete floor 0.7 m
Power supply 1.5 V (one cell Alkaline AA (LR6)), no less than 2000 mA/h
Dimensions 72 x 32 x 87 mm
Weight 200 g (7.05oz) without holster
Operating temperature -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F); (LCD: - 20 to + 50 °C)
Humidity by 98 % at +40 °C



PM PRD software (1401, 1703, 1703MO-2) ver. 17.2, 17.09.2014 (English, Russian)
Size : 8.12 MB
PM PRD PoliIdentify Software ver., 17.09.14 (English, Russian, Japanese)
Size : 32.98 MB
PM1703M-GN software ver., 31.08.2016 (Russian,English)
Size : 130.15 MB


PM1703M/MA/GN/GNA Leaflet
Size : 1.34 MB

Software User Manuals:

PM PRD software user guide
Size : 273.16 KB
PM1703M-GN Software User guide
Size : 1.50 MB


PM1703GN ITRAP Certificate Download
PM1703 M/MA/GN/GNA CE Certificate Download

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