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Multipurpose Hand-Held Radiation Monitor PM1401K3-E

PM1401K-3 is the smallest and the most lightweight instrument in the world, which is capable to operate simultaneously as an alarming device, search instrument, survey meter, spectrometer and identifier.

The instrument can be used both indoors and outdoors and is intended for everyday and/or emergency use by officers of radiological and isotope laboratories, specialists of different industries, agriculture, transport, medicine, customs and border services, firefighters, military, police and other first responding agencies.

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Operation Principle

Instrument performs continuous measurement of ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma and X-ray radiation in the wide energy range, monitors alpha, beta and neutron (PM1401K-3, PM1401K-3P, PM1401K-3E) radiation, operates as spectrometer of gamma radiation and radioisotope identifier (PM1401K-3, PM1401K-3P, PM1401K-3M), and measures food/soil contamination with 137Cs radionuclide (PM1401K-3, PM1401K-3M, PM1401K-3P).

Instrument is equipped with built-in audible and visual alarms, GPS module, USB interface for PC communication. Non-volatile memory allows recording and storing up to 10 000 events. PM1401K-3 has compact size and lightweight, bright and color LCD, shockproof hermetic case and can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.


  • РМ1401К-3 – basic model is equipped with built-in alpha, beta, gamma and neutron detectors;
  • РМ1401К-3М – modification is equipped with built-in alpha, beta and  gamma detectors, without neutron detection capabilities;
  • РМ1401К-3P modification is equipped with built-in alpha, beta, gamma and neutron (based on three scintillation units) detectors;
  • PM1401K-3E – gamma-neutron modification without functions of 137Cs activity measurement and radionuclides indetification.

Standard Delivery Set

  • The PM1401K-3 instrument
  • Protective case
  • Set of spacer rings (for α-, β-radiation measurement)
  • Set of α-radiation filters (for α-, β-radiation measurement)
  • USB Power Cable (for PC-communication and recharging and rechargable batteries)
  • AA-LR6 batteries (2 pcs.)
  • Belt Clip
  • Operation Manual and Software Guide (CD-ROM)
  • Calibration and Warranty Certificates

Optional Accessories

  • External vibrator with the wristband (for operation in noisy environment and/or performing a hidden search)
  • Calibration cap (for energy calibration check and calibration)
  • Telescopic extension pole (for operating the instrument in remote and hard-to-reach areas);
  • Additional neutron moderator (increases the instrument sensitivity to neutron radiation);
  • Tripod (for measurement of the 137Cs activity in solid/food water);
  • Protective holster (for protection of the instrument)
  • Set of Marinelli beakers (for measurement of the 137Cs activity in soil/food water).


  • Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear and Radioactive Materials
  • Inspection of Raw Materials, Waste & Goods
  • Emergency Response
  • Surface Contamination
  • Inspection of Raw Materials, Waste & Goods

Standards Compliance

Designed to meet ANSI N42.33 -2006, ANSI 42.34 - 2006, IEC 62327: 2006, ANSI N42.48 - 2008, ANSI N42.42: 2012 requirements


Detector CsI(Tl), GM, 6LiF/ZnS
DER indication range from 0.01 μSv/h to 200 mSv/h
DER measurement accuracy ±(15 + 0.0015 / Ḣ) %; where Ḣ - measured dose equivalent rate value in mSv/h (in the range from 0.1 μSv/h to 100 mSv/h)
Energy range 0.015 – 15 MeV (for gamma radiation)
Energy range:
within the range of energies from 0.015 to 0.045 MeV ± 40 %;
within the range of energies from 0.045 to 15.0 MeV ± 30 %
Neutron count rate from thermal to 14MeV
of β- radiation flux 0.15 – 3.5 MeV
Sensitivity, gamma radiation:
for 241Am in a Search mode ≥ 200.0 s-1/(μSv/h)
for 137Cs in a Search mode ≥ 200.0 s-1/(μSv/h)
for 137Cs in activity measurement mode ≥ 0,003 cps·kg/s(cps·l/s)·Bq
Indication range:
gamma (in a search mode) 1 – 9999 cps
neutron (in a search mode) 0.01 – 999 cps
Sensitivity, neutron radiation:
for Pu-α-Be ≥ 0.1 pulses·cm2
for thermal neutrons ≥ 3.5 pulses·cm2
for Pu-α-Be (with neutron moderator) ≥ 0.6 pulses·cm2
Count rate indication range in the search mode 1.00 – 2.7·105 s-1 - α-, β-, γ- radiation
Sensitivity to α-radiation (for Pu-239) ≥ 0.5 pulses·cm2
α-radiation flux density measurement range 15.0 to 105 min-1·cm-2
α- radiation flux density accuracy:
in 200 μR/h gamma radiation field ± 30 %
in 3.0·103 s-1 β-radiation field from the 90Sr+90Y source placed at 50 mm from the mica window of the detector ± 15 %
α- radiation flux density accuracy:
on 239Pu in the range from 15.0 to 105 min-1·cm-2 ±(20 + 450/φ) %, where φ - measured α-radiation flux density, -1·cm-2
β- radiation flux density measurement range 6.0 to 105 min-1·cm-2
β- radiation flux density accuracy:
on 90Sr+90Y ± (20 + 60/φ) %, where φ - measured β-radiation flux density, min-1·cm-2
Sensitivity for β-radiation:
for 90Sr+90Y ≥ 3.5 pulses·cm2
Activity measurement sample density range 0.2 – 1.6 g/cm3
The number of γ-radiation scintillation spectra saved in the instrument’s memory up to 1000
PC communication USB interface
Power supply 3.0 (+ 0.2; -0.4) V; two AA batteries or USB
Battery lifetime:
(in normal radiation background and provided LCD backlight, sound and light alarms are used no more than 5 minutes/day), at least 210 h.
Ingress protection IP65
Drop test on concrete floor 0.7 m.
Operating temperature -30 to up to +50 °С
Humidity up to 95 % at 35 °С
Atmospheric pressure from 84 to 106.7 kPa
Dimensions 262х60х65 mm
Weight ≤ 0.82 kg
Mean service lifetime ≥ 10 years

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