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Automated Personal Dosimetry System PM530

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APDS PM530 represents a new complex solution, designed for automatic collection of information about radiation exposure of the personnel.

The Automated Personal Dosimetry System can be applied in the medical institutions, in industrial enterprises, at nuclear power plants, in radiological and isotope laboratories, in nuclear research centers and other institutions, where individual radiation control is essential.


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Operation Principle

The System itself is based on web-cloud technology, that allows users to view data in a convenient and familiar form from any PC connected to the network, tablet or smartphone.

Structured hierarchical data base with appropriate access restrictions (unit/department/organization) can be set by the administrator. Also, administrator is empowered to manage users (add, remove, and change), assign user/administrator rights and include users into a subunit of the organization.

Due to web-cloud technology any of volume data can be stored in the system for an indefinitely long time.  Radiation exposure reports are generated automatically and can be customized upon user’s request.


PM530 personal annual report

PM530 personal monthly report


PM530 monthly report of the department


PM530 dashboard report


Dosimeter  Reader PM530-DC

APDS PM530 is compatible with Dosimeter Reader PM530-DC, which automatically read history from the dosimeter. Up to 500 readers and 10 000 of dosimeters can be integrated into the system.



Reader PM530-DC is a component of Automated Personal Dosimetry System PM530.             

Dosimeter Reader PM530-DC can be connected to the corporate/departmental LAN via Ethernet or Wi-Fi  and capable to carry out the fully automated  reading of the dosimeter history and transfer the  data to the  data  base server.



Key Features:

  • Automatic reading and displaying the process of reading the history on the LCD
  • Storage of up to 100 000 events until the completion of data transfer to the data base server in case of network failure
  • Connection via Ethernet/Wi-Fi
  • Support  of  different exchange protocols for operation with Polimaster dosimeters - IrDa, USB (RF, Bluetooth 4.0 in prospect)
  • Digital input-output (I/O) in prospect, providing the control of access control devices (turnstiles/electronic locks/ gate barriers etc.)
  • Can be wall-mounted, table-placed or portable

Supported dosimeters

X-Ray and Gamma Personal Dosimeter PM1610

Personal dosimeter PM1610 is intended for professionals exposed to radiation daily.

This compact device provides measurement of the dose equivalent rate of continuous and pulsed X-ray and gamma radiation, as well as time of dose accumulation.  PM1610 has audible, visual and vibro alarms to warn the user when preset dose/dose rate threshold levels are exceeded.

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Personal Combined Radiation Detector/Dosimeter PM1703MO-1BT

The instrument is equipped with two detectors: highly sensitive CsI(Tl) scintillation detector and small-sized Geiger counter detector.  Thus, two built-in detectors provide prompt gamma radiation detection and precise dose rate measurement.

PM1703MO-1BT can exchange data with mobile devices via Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection. The instrument has non-volatile memory, audible, visual and vibration alarms, shockproof hermetic case, compact size and light weight, user-friendly interface and doesn`t require special knowledge or training of personnel.

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X-ray and Gamma Radiation Personal Dosimeter РМ1621

Personal Dosimeter РМ1621 is equipped with a Geiger-counter detector and provides measurements of gamma and X-ray dose and dose rate at a wide energy range, as well as alerts the user via an audible alarm when the preset dose or dose rate thresholds are exceeded. 

Hermetic and shockproof case and fluorescent backlight on LCD screen allow operation in the harsh and unfavorable environments.

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  • Personnel Exposure
  • Personnel Exposure
  • Workplace Safety


Configuration wall-mounted, table-placed, portable
Power supply 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz main power supply; 12 V DC vehicle socket power supply; built-in autonomous power supply of rechargeable batteries (without data transfer to the internet server data base) up to 3 hours of instrument history reading
Memory ≥100000 data points
Weight up to 3 kg; reader - ≤2.0 kg
Dimensions ≤195х275х140 mm
Data exchange - Ethernet or Wi-Fi (automatically); USB drive (manually by administrator)
Ingress protection IP20
Mean service lifetime ≥10 years
Operating temperature from 0 to +60°С
Humidity at 40 °С and lower - up to 80 %
Atmospheric pressure 84 – 106.7 kPa



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