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Polimaster summoned second Business Partner Meeting

We are pleased to announce that Polimaster held the second Business Partner Meeting from 12th to 15th of June 2018. We were happy to receive our friends from Belgium, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, South Korea, Turkey, Slovakia, Spain, the Netherlands and the Philippines.

The idea of the Event was to provide platform for the communication between Polimaster and its Business Partners, collect their customers’ feedback on Polimaster devices and share sales expertise to increase the demand. The main goals were to share alternative ways of promoting Polimaster devices as turn-key basis solutions, highlight competitive edge of Polimaster equipment and demonstrate possible variants of aftersales services in support of Business Partners’ efforts in the market.

We were glad that we share the same philosophy with our Business Partners but actually, this is not surprising as they confirmed their membership in Polimaster Family.



Dear Partners, we do appreciate your participation and involvement as well as genuine interest to the raised topics. Thank you very much!

We are always pleased to host our friends in Minsk. Polimaster welcomes all our Business Partners next year for the third meeting. The dates will follow very soon.

Polimaster business event

Polimaster held business partner meeting

Polimaster meet dealers

Polimaster - manufacturer of radiation detection equipment


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