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Polimaster at the 14th International Security Conference and Exposition “ISC BRASIL 2019”

Polimaster together with its partner in Brazil “Ambientis Radioproteção Ltda.”, exhibited at the 14th International Security Conference and Exposition “ISC BRASIL 2019”, held in São Paulo, Brazil, from 25th to 27th of June, 2019.

ISC Brasil is the main platform for business and networking for the security market in Brazil. It joins intelligent and integrated security solutions with the needs of various economy sectors, including public and state security.

Within the ISC Brasil Exhibition, Polimaster showcased its radiation detection devices, which perform different functions: Electronic Dosimeters for personal radiation safety, Personal Radiation Detectors for the search of radioactive sources (both gamma and neutron), Radionuclide Identification Devices for accurate radionuclide identification and others.

Also, Polimaster presented its complex solution for ensuring personnel radiation safety at various plants - Automated Personal Dosimetry System PM530, which is designed for automatic collection of information about radiation exposure of each employee. Due to web-cloud technology users have data access from any PC connected to the network, tablet or smartphone.


Huge thanks to our partner Ambientis Radioproteção Ltda. for the true hospitality and intense and collaborative work before and during the Event! We had a great and productive time in Brazil!

ISC Brasil 2019

ISC Brasil 2019

ISC Brasil 2019

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