Polimaster Innovating radiation detection technologies since 1992

Polimaster celebrates its 27-th birthday!

Polimaster is proud to announce its twenty seven-year as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of radiation detection equipment!

Our history has begun with the first personal electronic pocket-sized dosimeter "Master-1" designed in response to the Chernobyl accident in 1986. The dosimeter was much smaller than any other direct reading dosimeter available on the market at that time and it was the first device sold under Polimaster brand. Annually we introduce demanded devices and solutions to meet the needs of defense industry and keep up upgrading of existing products.

2018 has been quite eventful for Polimaster: we succeed in a number of large projects around the world, presented Automated Personal Dosimetry System for personnel exposures control, have supplied Automated Calibration System to the Belarusian NPP, got certified a specialized container for ionizing radiation sources transportation and this is hardly a complete list.


The core of success


As Company’s customer and partner base has expanded during its twenty seven-year history, Polimaster has focused on training and partner-oriented events. Trainings and annual partner meetings help learn to apply Polimaster instruments specifically and with more accuracy to end-users particular tasks. The key concept of Polimaster strategy today: the steady growth of our business partners - is our growth!

Future prospects


Today Polimaster has deep insight that radiation detection technologies are constantly changing towards SMART concept. Polimaster prospects are aligned with digital technologies to create a more efficient, responsive and innovative solutions, to withstand internal and external threats all over the world.



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Latest events
Polimaster will participate at Securex Uzbekistan 2019

Exhibition will be held in Tashkent from 20 to 22 of November. We are looking forward to meet you at our booth!

Polimaster will participate at INTERPOLITEX international exhibition

INTERPOLITEX will be held from 22 to 25 of October in Moscow, VDNH. We invite you to visit us at stand 1A2-2!

Polimaster continues to conquer: ascent to Kazbek

The owner of Polimaster Ludmila Antonauskaya ascended Kazbek mount, which is the tallest mountain in Eastern Georgia