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Training on Radiation Safety & Detection Techniques

From 18 to 22 of November Polimaster partner in the Middle East LARSA Scientific LLC carried out training on Radiation Safety  & Detection Techniques for Basra Oil Company in Iraq.

During the training three essential topics for the Oil & Gas industry were covered: Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORMs) Management (control and monitoring, waste handling and disposal), Radiation Protection of Personnel (external and internal radiation sources), Radiation Safety while working with radioactive sources (industrial radiography, exploration and managing sources in nuclear gauges and wells). The participants were trained to  manage all the above mentioned issues with Polimaster technical solutions.

We highly appreciate the efforts of LARSA Scientific LLC on conducting training and would like to thank the representatives of State Company for Engineering and Rehabilitation in Iraq for their active participation!


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LARSA Scientific LLC  training


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