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Polimaster delivered presentation at Consultancy meeting at IAEA

Consultancy meeting on Coordinated Research Project (CRP) was held in the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna from 6 to 8th of August. Polimaster and other participating countries delivered presentations on Advancing Maintenance and Calibration of Radiation Detection Equipment.

In Polimaster’ report the existing problems with maintenance and calibration of the radiation detection equipment were considered.

The major ones are as follows:

- lack of manufacturers’ (suppliers’) service centers of radiation control equipment or their local representatives responsible for the equipment maintenance and calibration;

- lack of the equipment maintenance trained specialists among the end users’ personnel, as well as the equipment necessary for performing the maintenance;

- lack of knowledge of the requirements to the equipment maintenance is the obstacle for the end users to form correctly the tender bids;

- high cost and monopoly on the part of the organizations providing theequipment maintenance service in different countries;

- high cost of logistic services in terms of sending the equipment for maintenance or repair to the manufacture;

- legislation, bureaucratic, customs and other barriers.

Polimaster believes that the main way to solve the problem of the equipment maintenance is to build up a network of service centers or trained specialized units of the end users.

Currently Polimaster works on expending the network of service centers to improve the quality, availability and efficiency of the maintenance. 

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